We Make Southampton has suspended its community activities due to the circumstances created by the current pandemic.

Claudia at TEDX Southampton

WMS SCCG 2017 Roadshow Read the report here
Claudia Murg
Founder and Managing Director, has worked as a journalist and documentary film-maker since 1993, in high-end mainstream television and print, working for BBC and C4 documentaries, BBC Panorama, C4 Dispatches, ITV’s World in Action, Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday and others. 

Chrissie Bainbridge
Non- executive director since the summer of 2018, has retired as a Director of Business at First Bus Southampton in March 2017, after a life-long career with First. She wants We Make Southampton to find ‘the soul of the city’.

We have worked with since February 2017:

Southampton Clinical Commissioning Group, Southampton Police, various departments of the Southampton City Council, Solent NHS, Solent GP Practice, The Citizens Advice, Social Care in Action, The NST, long-established charities like the Environment Centre, Communicare, Parent Support Link, City Life, Stop the Traffick, Active Nations, TWICS, SOCO Music, So To Speak Festival, Clear, Creative Options, Unity 101, WICT, October Books, Carers In Southampton, University of Southampton Social Impact Lab, The Clean Air Campaign, Monty's Hub, Redbridge Residents Association, British Red Cross, Afghan Ladies group, Taqwah Mosque, and others.


We Make Southampton CIC is an independent multimedia community journalism organisation, working in the SO14 to SO19 areas of Southampton, on stories and subjects that represent the interests of citizens living and working here.

The editorial agenda is entirely apolitical and strictly factual, driven by ‘the public interest and the interest to the public’ criteria.  The output is funded from our income as a social enterprise.

Our mission is to promote active citizenship, help strengthen communities and play our part in social inclusion and cohesion, by making 'We Make Southampton’ a reliable resource enabling local people to turn information into action to improve their lives. 

Claudia’s Bus, a single decker bus, converted into an office, sponsored so generously by First Bus, not only enables us to connect with residents on their doorstep listening to their concerns and solutions for the city we live in,  but it also enables us to work in partnership with local organisations and individuals who share the same public benefit ethos like We Make Southampton. 


Transfer reliable knowledge to the wider public, empowering citizens to engage in an assertive and positive dialogue with decision makers

Research and map Southampton’s untapped human potential and resources, connecting people with opportunities to make a positive difference.


For me, every day at work is an adventure, in this city full of potential, creative energy, opportunities and challenges. 

We need YOU, to help us deepen our understanding of daily life in every one of our sixteen council wards, and help us share the relevant information to those who need it.

Together WE MAKE SOUTHAMPTON a place to belong to!