SOS Valentine: Schools in deficit!

28 January 2019

Redbridge Residents & Clean Air Southampton vs. Alastair Welch, Southampton Port

11 October 2018
Valentine School is one of the schools in Southampton facing a significant deficit, due to an increase in pupil numbers and inadequate funding, according to the Headteacher Liz Filer. The aim of the demontration is to raise awareness with the public, and to deliver a letter to Royston Smith MP, asking for representation in Parliament, for adequate school funding.

Inside story of cleaning up UK air from world renowned Prof Stephen Holgate (20mins recording)

21 June 2018

Southampton's Clean Air Zone Consultation launch (3 mins film)

21 June 2018

Southampton Sustainable Fashion Fest, 21 April 2018, the Orange Rooms

21 April 2018

World renowned Prof Stephen Holgate about the fight to clean up UK Air

21 June 2018

Southampton University Expert Matthew Loxham explains pollution from particulate matter

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Report on Health Roadshow 2017


We would like to thank all of the individuals and organisations who have taken part in our roadshow and shared this experience with us​



  • Our CCG is committed to working with its communities to ensure services meet the needs of local people. We want to ensure that information and opportunities for involvement are available and accessible and that we reflect our diverse population needs in all our work and commissioning decisions.